Help with SureTray

If you're using SureTray for the first time, or would like a refresher, you might want to check out our Getting Started video.  Otherwise, keep scrolling down!

Help Topics

Start here to review common how-to's for SureTray.  If you don't find the answer to your problem here, you can Click Here to submit a support ticket on the GraySail customer support portal.

Creating a New District or other School Food Authority Account

All new accounts receive a 30-day free trial.  You don't even have to provide a payment method until your free trial ends.

You only need to create a new account if your SFA doesn't already have one.  If your SFA already has an account, and you want access to it, see  Adding, Editing, or Removing User Accounts below.

If you want to create a State-level account, contact us for special pricing and details.

Otherwise, to create a new SureTray SFA account, go to the SureTray login page, and click the REGISTER A NEW ACCOUNT link at the bottom.

Logging In

Log in using your email address and the password you provided during account activation.  If you don't have an account, and you're registering your district or other School Food Authority for the first time, you should use the REGISTER A NEW ACCOUNT link at the bottom of the login page.  If your district or SFA already has an account, and you want to be able to log in to it, you'll need to get the current account owner to log in to SureTray and add you to the list of approved account users.  You'll receive an automatic email notification which contains a link to a confirmation page where you can set your own password.  Sometimes, this email may be filtered by your email account's spam controls.  If so, look for it in your "Spam" or "Junk Mail" folder.

If you can't remember your password, you can use the FORGOT PASSWORD link to reset your password.  You'll need to know your email address.

If you try to log in with the wrong password several times in a row, your account will be disabled for a few minutes.  This is to prevent people or computer programs from trying to guess your password.  If this happens, either reset your password or wait ten minutes and then try again.

Adding , Editing, or Removing User Accounts

You only need to create User Accounts for the limited number of people who will be using SureTray to enter data and training records.  In general, you shouldn't create accounts for the managers and food workers whose training you are recording,  There is no limit to the number of Users you can create.

To create a User Account, click on the Accounts link at the top of the page, and then click the Add User button on the User Administration toolbar.  Provide the User's first name, last name, and email address in the labelled fields.  Check the "Administrator" box if you want this new user to be able to add or edit User Records or payment information for SureTray.  Double check the email address to make sure it's correct, because when you click Save, that's where the registration email will be sent.

You can edit or remove a User Account by finding the row listing the User name, and clicking the Pencil Icon (to Edit), or the Trashcan icon (to Delete/Remove).

Adding, Editing or Removing Locations

Locations are the places where your school food managers and workers report to work.   They might be schools, central kitchens, or office buildings.  SureTray uses Locations to help keep your workers sorted, so that you can quickly see a list of the the workers at a particular school or kitchen, or know where a food worker is based when you look at their record.

You must create at least one location for your SFA before you begin adding Employee records.  Most SFAs will create a location for every school in a district where your employees report to work, plus one for each central kitchen or food distribution center.

To create or edit a Location, click the Locations link at the top of the page. Click the Add Location button on the Location Management toolbar to create a new Location.  Once you've created a new Location, you will see it in the list.  To edit a location name, click the Pencil icon next to it.  To delete a Location, click the trashcan icon next to it.  You can only delete a Location that has no employees assigned to it.  If you want to remove a location that has employees assigned to it, you must first move each of its employees to a different Location by editing their Employee record.

Adding, Editing, or Removing Employees

You should create an Employee record for every employee for whom you need to track training hours.  

Click the Employees link at the top of the page to access Employee records.  Click the Add Employee button on the Employment Management toolbar to create a new Employee record.  Fill in the fields, remembering to scroll down to see the fields at the bottom of the form.  Make sure you add the hire date (Effective date) for each employee when you create their records for the first time.  This hire date, along with the position type, is used to calculate the number of training hours required within a given reporting year.

To find an Employee record later, you can sort the Employment Management table by clicking on the column headers, or filter the whole list by selecting a Location using the "Select Location" dropdown at the top of the page.

If an employee changes jobs, email address, or name, find them in the Employee list, and click the pencil icon next to their name.  Update any fields, or in the case of a position change, click the "+" button in the Employment history, and fill in the new position information along with the effective date.

If you terminate an employee, click the Trashcan icon next to their name.  The system will ask you for a termination date.  The employee will remain listed in the Employee table, but with the position type of "Terminated."  This is so that you can continue to review their training records in future years.

To review detailed training information for a particular Employee, click the Details icon next to their name.  You will see a list of all training sessions they have attended, and how many hours credit they received for that training. To return from the detail view and see the Employee list again, click the Back arrow on the Training Records toolbar.

Training Sessions

SureTray works by creating a record of a training session, and then indicating which employees attended it.

To add or review training session records, click on the Training link at the top of the page.  

To add a new Training Session, click on the Add New Session button on the Training Sessions toolbar.  Fill in the required fields, remembering to scroll down to get to the last fields at the bottom of the form.  All fields except for Comments are required.  Note that once you select a Key Area, you will need to select a Key Topic, and then check one or more of the Key Subjects for this training course.

To remove a Training Session that was added in error, or canceled, click the Trashcan icon next to that course's training date.

Training Attendance

In order to enter or review Training Session Attendance, you should first go to the Training screen.  Find the Training Session that you want to add or edit attendance information, and click the Attendance button (the one next to the Trashcan) for that row.  You will see the Attendance screen.  On the left side is a display of the information for this Training Session, and on the right is a list of Attendees.

To add an Attendee, type their first or last name into the employee name box.  The system will use predictive text to try to guess which employee you mean.  Click or tap the name of the correct employee, and their full name will appear in the Names box.  Click the Add button to add them to this Training Session.  By default, they will receive the number of training hours that are the default for this Training Session.  You can adjust this number up or down by finding this employee in the Course Attendance list and editing the Hours Received.