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If you're maintaining records about required skills training for school food workers, SureTray makes your job much easier.

SureTray allows training and compliance personnel working in a state education department, local school district, or any other School Food Authority to schedule training sessions and quickly enter attendance information.  

There's even an electronic sign-in sheet that can be used at the training location so you can go paperless.


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SureTray keeps all required training records, categorized by USDA training category, and matches them to each food worker's annual training requirements.   It is fully compliant with the training data model supplied by USDA, and will remain abreast of changing requirements over time.

Real-time dashboards let you know of any compliance issues at a glance.  You can generate compliance reports for audits with the click of a mouse.

SureTray is securely hosted in the cloud.  Your data is safe and automatically backed up with no effort by you or your organization.


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Adding new workers, keeping track of schools, campuses, or other locations, looking at historical data... it's all a breeze with SureTray.

Special fields allow you to track other helpful information, such as workers' School Nutrition Association (SNA) id numbers, job functions, and more.

Best of all, SureTray will run on virtually any device with an internet connection, including all types of PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, or internet-enabled tablets such as iPads or Galaxy Tabs.