Free Trial

We always invite you to try SureTray before you buy it.  That's why we offer a free, no-obligation, 30-day trial when you sign up for a new account.  If you decide that SureTray isn't for you, you pay nothing.  If you decide that SureTray makes your job easier, it costs less than $20/year for every 1000 students your SFA serves.

Easy on the budget

SureTray is a very affordable subscription service.   The annual cost scales up or down depending on how many students you serve.

SureTray is licensed in Units, where each Unit is equivalent to 1000 students served.  For example, If your SFA serves 8000 students, you will need 8 Units.  To subscribe to SureTray, you must purchase a minimum of 5 Units, even if you serve less than 5000 students.

Each Unit costs $18/year billed annually or $20.04/year if billed monthly.  If you choose annual billing, we will bill you once at the beginning of each year for the entire year's service at the rate of $18/year for each Unit.  If you choose monthly billing, we will bill you on a monthly basis at the rate of $1.67/month for each Unit, which works out to $20.04/year for each Unit.

Example Pricing

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Annual cost
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Statewide Pricing

For some states, it may make sense to license SureTray at the state level.  SureTray offers special features for state licensing, including the ability to create and maintain records of statewide or regional training events, manage local users at SFAs across your state, and even track USDA training requirements for the State office directors, managers, and staff.

Special pricing is available for statewide purchases.  Please contact us for details.