Here's what you get when you subscribe to SureTray.

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Easy and Complete Data Entry

Use any internet-connected computer or tablet and put training data at your fingertips.

SureTray offers a tab-based user interface that lets you switch between employee records, training records, and compliance reporting with a click or tap.

Data entry features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface with high-contrast screens.
  • Type-ahead, auto-complete, and record selection features that speed up data entry and prevent errors.
  • Autosave features to minimize lost records
  • Electronic attendance sheets
  • Engineered for either computer or tablet, so you can work comfortably at your desk, or take SureTray with you to schools, kitchens, or training locations.
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USDA Compliance Reporting

With SureTray, you can glance at a chart and immediately know where you have training compliance challenges.  We use color coding to highlight problems, so you can focus on the areas that need attention.

Best of all, SureTray reports are updated in real time, which means that the data at which you're looking is always up-to-date.

Our data model is based on the USDA standard, and will automatically account for regulatory changes over time without any effort from you. This also means that our compliance reports are guaranteed to meet or exceed any standard imposed by State or Federal auditors.

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Secure Cloud Technology

SureTray is hosted by Amazon Web Services, and is carefully engineered for ultimate security and reliability. Our cloud technology means that you can rely on 99.9% uptime, and fast performance from our data center.

Rest easy about backups or disaster recovery.  Your data is continuously and automatically backed up without any effort on your part. 

We utilize secure socket layer encryption, the web security standard, so that your data and reports remain private.  We will never share your data with any other customer or company... unless you ask us to share your data automatically with your State school nutrition office.